Potential Realised


If the below narrative is too "texty"- in short we can can support the building of capacity, competence and collaboration in your business and we especially like working with ambitious start ups and small to medium sized businesses who dream of punching above their weight. 



A la Carte Services


Establish Recruiting & Hiring Standards (In collaboration with internal stakeholders)


Through an initial engagement we will establish a set of standards (SOP) according to best in breed practices in the process of recruiting and hiring new staff, this will be done in conjunction with a strategic recruitment review of your business( Systems, Processes, Policies, Guiding Documents, HR Specific Templates, Job Description Library & Reward & Remuneration benchmarking). This review will serve as the basis for the development and deployment of a comprehensive recruitment model and framework which will allow a targeted and robust approach on the full candidate lifecycle experience including sourcing, screening, interviewing, internal stakeholder management and coordination with on boarding & performance reviews

We will outline a workflow for the process, create a basic policy complete with legal and compliance elements for sourcing and recruitment, create a set of standard competency-based interview templates and tactics unique to your industry, provide a guideline document on candidate selection and outline the process of pre-employment screening inclusive of guidance on psychometric and behavioural assessments. We will create critical and prioritised hiring pathways. We will develop hiring plans for each business unit. We will develop a robust candidate tracking tool inclusive of a basic recruitment monitoring and reporting mechanism.  We will provide tactical documents around the following; workforce planning, employment branding, building and maintaining talent pools, recruitment metrics and a programme suite which includes; employee referral programmes, mobility programmes, employer branding programmes and an end-to-end on boarding programme.  We will develop a guiding document inclusive of tools and resources, tracing social media tools, IoT and technological advancements in the application domain that can serve to profoundly impact the candidate experience and position the business as a go-to employer.

We will also develop and distribute internal communications, memos and employee & manager info update packs.

We will develop and deploy a robust “candidate experience” survey.

We would also be available to provide on-going support and consultation for this process as outlined in the Monthly Services section.

A separate cost will be determined if there is the requirement to train senior managers and supervisors in respect of the recruitment process, ethos and strategic alignment- essentially this forms part of the change management piece for the recruiting & hiring function and covers interviewing skills training and coaching for hiring managers.

 Establish an Integrated Performance Management Framework (In collaboration with internal stakeholders)


We will develop, design and deploy a best-in-breed performance management framework strategically aligned with the business’ strategy, departmental goals and objectives. Review, develop and enhance KPIs across the business. We will develop appropriate policies and programs for the effective management of performance. We will establish a continuous performance and quality improvement effort with the help of a robust monitoring and reporting tool. We will focus analysis on job family, design and impact of the performance management framework, model and system.

In consultation with internal stakeholders we will develop and deliver a proactive and progressive compensation and benefits programme to provide motivation and reward across all business units. We will ensure incentive and salary benchmarking is optimised within all compensation structures. We will develop an innovative and uniquely South African recognition programme. We will develop and deploy a career succession plan. We will develop and deliver employee development plans that focus on experienced based learning. We will develop and deliver a leadership development framework inclusive of a management development programme to ensure new managers are equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge within a 90 day period and where all employees are exposed to a leadership ethos that explains what leadership looks like, how leadership behaves and what soft skills to focus on in becoming a more well-rounded leader.  We will deliver and deploy a company-wide performance appraisal system and create guiding documents and policies that ensure alignment to business strategy. We will develop a coaching and mentoring framework. We will develop and deploy a knowledge-sharing tool and resources for critical seats. We will develop and deploy a High Potential programme. We will create transparency from the top-down in respect of a company-wide accountability model with key metrics for success. We will develop a clear and authentic programme that details what success looks like and how to achieve it complete with tools and resources leveraged from within the business. We will develop and deploy a robust “performance/high performance culture” survey. 

Establish an Integrated Skills Development Framework (In collaboration with internal stakeholders)


We will develop a learning & development strategy inclusive of execution-planning-and facilitation of people development efforts. We will capacitate the skills development universe by developing and deploying a company-wide HR development program. We will identify training needs in consultation with internal stakeholders and link these to critical competencies determined in consultation with internal stakeholders by job category, function, department and business unit. We will design and deliver an annual training plan with far horizon 3-5yr splits.

We will review and optimize current training efforts and skills development initiatives. We will deliver a workplace learning and improvement programme. We will deliver a learning and performance improvement strategy that supports the business strategy. We will develop a policy and procedure outline for the skills development domain. We will create guiding documents for leadership skills development. We will create broad and deep L&D strategic plan that s sustains and impacts a learning culture. In consultation with internal stakeholders we will assess and determine the quality of content of training including course design, instruction, evaluation, training materials and learning reinforcement strategies. We will develop and deploy training and development calendars. In consultation with internal stakeholders we will review training manuals, aids, records and forms. We will review multi-skilling and multi-tasking responsibilities to maximise performance. We will advise on train-the-trainer, best in breed coaching and trainer certifications. We will align product & service training competencies via a critical competency framework again in consultation with internal stakeholders. We will deliver a model for measuring results and behavioural change in respect of training interventions. We will develop and deploy a robust “skills development” survey. 

Ad hoc Services- Monthly Services


Due Diligence-Compliance- Risk


We will develop, apply and evaluate all frameworks, models, policies, procedures, templates, plans, reports and guiding documents within the HR domain to ensure compliance to legislation and alignment within the risk universe of the business. We will enhance any/all policies and procedures to ensure alignment with the company’s values system, performance culture and people ethos. We will deliver an HR best governance methodology to ensure due diligence into HR processes is sustainable. We will annually review the total compensation domain; salaries, wages, benefits, incentives & bonuses to ensure that all business efforts in this regard are compliant and within the requisite risk appetite. We will develop and deploy a global HR change programme focussing on transparency, equitable gains and fairness to ensure that all employees especially managers are displaying behaviour that is consistent and predictable. We would develop and deliver a global workforce scorecard, HR scorecard and a global HR Audit(Quality, Performance, ROI) to ensure that HR practices, policies, procedures, efforts, initiatives and programmes are in alignment with the business strategy(Increasing business performance), people ethos and compliant with the law. On a continuing basis we will evaluate reports and results in each department, as determined by the CEO, in relation to established goals for that department. If necessary we will report to the CEO any recommendations we may have to evoke improvements in efficiency as well as in services performed.

 Post –Acquisition- Develop-Retain


We will develop and deliver a new employee on-boarding programme- this engagement would begin with an evaluation of the process (es) currently in place for on-boarding new employees. We would then establish a standard process for on-boarding all new employees across the organization from the day they accept the position to their 90 day evaluation. We would track employee engagement and assimilation. We would develop and deploy a talent mapping process to ensure top talent is identified and optimised within business critical roles and career paths. We would review and map the Org to ensure that the organisational structure aligns with the business strategy. We would develop and deploy a talent matrix around; Competence, Commitment & Contribution to ensure the effectiveness of all/every HR management and development strategy. We would develop and deploy a retention model with specific focus on top talent, labour & market trends, and critical seats. We would create an Employee Participation Programme that helps support continuous training and development efforts in directing efforts to specific employee needs and requirements. After the initial engagement, which is outlined in the A La Carte Services section, we will provide on-going support and consultation to the Leadership team  in all matters of recruiting and hiring. This support would be supplied mainly through email and phone communications when members of the leadership team have questions regarding the process or best practices of recruiting and hiring and also to discuss specific situations or scenarios for which they would like consultation. 

Employee Relations in a unionised environment


We would provide you with coaching for the management team in clarification and application of ER/IR organisational policies. We would also assist in addressing any potential issues that arise, and provide coaching support for managers with regards to employee relations. This support would be supplied mainly through email and phone communications.

We would develop and deploy a global employee relations framework complete with a robust employee relations process, robust communications around the requisite acts/provisions and legislation covering this portfolio. We would develop and deploy a fair, transparent and ethics driven disciplinary code, disciplinary procedure, grievance procedure, ethics policy & forensics policy.

We would develop and deliver an incident management system, complete with incident reporting and tracking tools and resources. We would develop a grievance tracking tool with exception reporting in serious cases.

We would develop an Ethics, EE , Good Management Practice training calendar for prioritised populations within the business. We would create a “Bring your ethics to work” programme within the business.

We would assist in creating a change management framework that will include an employee dialogue platform and the identification and selection of regional/departmental champions for “Good Employee Relations”

We would assist in the creation of communication channels and mandate/policy documents for Shop Stewards inclusive of Shop Steward responsibilities within such an ambiguous role and consultation requirements when disciplining Shop Stewards.

We would assist in setting up a single conduit for all union-related communications within the company or act as that custodian ourselves to ensure all union related communications are swift and accurate.

We would advise on labour relations trends and updates and ensure business policies and procedures reflect these changes.

We would advise and assist in negotiations and consultations around the adoption of a new collective agreement if required. We would advise and assist in setting up a collective bargaining team within the company with mandate to negotiate on said collective agreements and/or amendments’.